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Featured Item: Sade Ankara Wrap Scarf

We recently developed a new accessory, the Sade Ankara Wrap Scarf. Lined with 100% silk and constructed with ankara fabric, this scarf brings sophistication and style to your wardrobe. Inspired by 1950s hair wraps and the film The Seven Year Itch, each scarf was designed and hand crafted by our designer, Jovita Ross.  A lover of hair accessories and having natural textured hair, Jovita wanted to create a product that not only would be used for adornment but also to protect and prevent any damage to her tresses. Using silk as a lining was an obvious choice because of all the great benefits for the hair and skin.  Buy Sade Ankara Wrap Scarf Silk aids in keeping moisture close to...

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Just For You: Summer 2016 Style Boards

Another season has begun and it's time for some new ensembles. We have created a few style boards to help you build a wardrobe fit for any summer occasion. Each look has been paired with a Vita Talie bag. Let's get started! Summer Weekender   Romper: Top Shop. Sandals: Brother Vellies . Sunglasses: Tnemnroda. Ring: Komodo. Midtown Tote: Vita Talie Whether you are headed to Hamptons, Hilton Head or Cape Cod, this look will keep you cool and fashion forward at the same time. Pair the leopard print Midtown Tote with a romper or sundress and add a high end sandal, stylish sunglasses and minimal jewelry.   Beach Day Swimwear: Andrea Iyamah Sunglasses: Tnemnroda. Foot Chain: Made by Malyia. Denimu Toti: Vita Talie...

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Just For You: Spring 2016 Style Boards

Spring is finally here! We absolutely love everything about this time of year. Seeing new life bloom on trees, hearing birds chirping and warmer weather makes our heart sing! With the new season upon us, this also means new looks. So we put together four outfits for four different girls that include Vita Talie handbags and some of our favorite items. Now get ready to Pin these looks to your board. Edgy Chic This look is for the girl who has an all black uniform but doesn't mind wearing color as an accessory. Here we have black overalls paired with a black bodysuit, black sneakers (Kasa Shoes), black baseball cap (Grateful Apparel) and our High Line Envelope Clutch in mauve lines. Now, if...

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Tis the Season: Scarves

Do you feel the chill in the air?! Yes, autumn is an upon us and it is time to stock up on fall essentials! Scarves are definitely necessary this time of year. We are dedicated at creating high quality ethically handcrafted scarves that keep you protected from the elements and are durable to last you for several seasons.  Jo Jo Scarf (reversible) The Jo Jo and Mali scarves are ideal right now since the temperatures are still comfortable. Constructed carefully in New York by hand with fine materials like silk jersey, jersey wool and cotton ankara fabric (sourced in the garment district, Harlem and the Bronx) these scarves are soft, comfy and lightweight. The Jo Jo and Mali Infinity are available in...

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4 Back To School Bags To Fit Your Style

It's that time again….. Back To School. Whether you are in grade school or in college, heading back to school can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. A new year means new opportunities and new stuff! We would like to share four bags from our City Collection to help you better prepare for the new school year. 1) The City Duffle Bag. The duffle is ideal for the college or boarding school student living on campus. It is a spacious bag that helps you transport your new gear. It will also be handy for the gym and those weekend getaways back home or travels out of town with your fellow scholars. 

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