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Transition into Spring with Ease: Scarves

Looks like the cold weather days are behind us and we are officially in spring! But don't put away all of your winter wardrobe! These days the weather can be so unpredictable that you can be left out in the cold without the proper accessories. So here are a few ideas and style tips that can help you. 


Keep your winter scarves on hand! You can totally transition scarves especially if they are lightweight like the Jo Jo silk jersey ankara scarf. It is a reversible scarf that has supreme ankara print fabric on one side and silk jersey on the other side.

Pair it with a tank top or t-shirt and put a parka, windbreaker or lightweight jacket on. Throw on a pair of jeans and some heels and you have a fashionable yet casual look. 


The Jo Jo scarf is currently on sale at


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