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Transition into Spring with Ease: Peplum Belts

Peplum belts are so ideal this time of year. They are a great statement piece to add to any ensemble. The versatility of the belts are endless!

For a dinner date look, pair them with leggings and tie the belt around a fitted tank top. Put a light weight jacket on and add a clutch and a pair of pumps to complete your outfit. The peplum belt not only gives you a polished look, it also is very flattering and accentuates your waist line.

 Peplum Belt: Glided Lady

Clutch: Ink Bolt High Line Black Leather Clutch

For a more business causal style, put your belt over a buttoned up shirt that is tucked into a pair of relaxed or shinny jeans. Add a bow tie brooch to dress up the top and grab your tote bag or clutch and you are ready for the day!

Handbag: Mid Town Leopard Leather Tote Bag

Peplum belts are on sale now! All handbags and brooches are available at   

Peplum Belt: Patchwork Orange

Clutch: Ink Blot High Line Brown Leather Clutch 

Brooch: Fire Cheetah Bow Tie w/gold chain brooch

Styling: Rare Vue Styling

Hair and Makeup: Rare Vue Styling

Photography: Rare Vue Styling

Model: Juliette



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