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Tis the Season: Scarves

Do you feel the chill in the air?! Yes, autumn is an upon us and it is time to stock up on fall essentials! Scarves are definitely necessary this time of year. We are dedicated at creating high quality ethically handcrafted scarves that keep you protected from the elements and are durable to last you for several seasons. 

Jo Jo Scarf (reversible)

The Jo Jo and Mali scarves are ideal right now since the temperatures are still comfortable. Constructed carefully in New York by hand with fine materials like silk jersey, jersey wool and cotton ankara fabric (sourced in the garment district, Harlem and the Bronx) these scarves are soft, comfy and lightweight. The Jo Jo and Mali Infinity are available in several prints and currently on sale starting at $33.

Mali Wool Jersey Ankara Infinity Scarf

The Arusi, Deka and Zola are perfect for the coldest of winters. Both are hand knitted and crocheted in New York using organic saxon merino wool  (wool is hand dyed naturally without chemicals from a local farm in New York) and cotton ankara fabric. These infinity scarves are vibrant with color and can easily be worn with any fall look. 

Aursi Merino Wool Knit Ankara Infinity

Zola Merino Wool Knit Infinity Scarf

 Deka Merino Knit Ankara Infinity 

Experiment this fall with these scarves and have fun pulling outfits together that are chic and flirty while staying warm! Tell us how you would were these scarves and send us your looks to to be featured in our "You Wore It Best" Wednesdays on Instagram and Facebook. 



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