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Fashion Revolution Week 2016

Fashion Revolution Week started on Monday, the 18th and continues to April 24th. Last year, we wrote a post about the artisans that help Vita Talie become the innovative ethical fashion brand that it is today (link to article).  As we remember the horrific accident that happened two years ago in Dhaka, Bangladesh let us also be proactive in asking a very important question to all fashion brands around the world, "Who made my clothes?."

I recently read an article that Refinery 29 posted yesterday about Fashion Revolution Week and listed some bloggers, brands and organizations that are participating. The organization, Fashion Revolution, ( would like consumers to participate throughout the week by going to their website and filling out a form for them to find out who made your clothes, accessories and more. 

We will continue to be transparent of our practices and keep you informed of how are products are manufactured. One of the textiles that we use is Woodin cotton from Ghana. Many of the textiles are produced in Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

We also continue to work with local artisans in New York as well as artisans in West Africa to provide them employment and opportunity to showcase their talents.

We hope you are motivated more then ever to be informed about what you buy and continue to support brands and organizations that promote sustainable and ethical fashion.




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