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2016 Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are right around the corner! For everyone making last minute decisions on what gifts to get for your friends and love ones, we are here to help you! We have created a list of some of our accessories to fit varies lifestyles.

Denimu Toti Bag

Durable and sustainable, this bag is constructed to take on large amounts of weight from books and macbooks/laptops. Easy to slide things in and out with three functional pockets which makes it incredibly convenient for a teacher or student. You don't have to compromise on style with this bag. An added plus, these bags are produced in limited quantities to ensure uniqueness to our customer.  



Bowtie Brooches

An excellent choice for a Secret Santa for the person who adores novelty items. Priced at $25 the brooches are reasonable and a fun gift! All brooches are constructed with 100% cotton and handcrafted in New York


The Sade Wrap Scarf

On of our most popular items, these scarves are luxurious with healthy benefits for the conscious consumer. Lined with 100% silk it is designed to keep your skin and tresses protected from the elements while making a fashion statement. Ideal for the woman that appreciates small luxury items. Great for a stocking stuffer!


The Crosstown Shoulder Bag

One of our most popular bags is always a good idea. Perfect for the woman who enjoys color and loves to mix patterns and prints. Women who typically wear the Crosstown are adventurous and daring.


The City Duffle Bag

Men absolutely love this bag! Awesome gift for a man that is into grooming and has a sense of style. Although the bag is completely functional with several pockets on the inside it really is a fashion piece. Trust us, he will thank you for it!

Hope we were able to help! Let us know if you took our advice and share the reactions of the ones you bought the item for! Happy Holidays!

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