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Fashion Revolution Week 2016

Fashion Revolution Week started on Monday, the 18th and continues to April 24th. Last year, we wrote a post about the artisans that help Vita Talie become the innovative ethical fashion brand that it is today (link to article).  As we remember the horrific accident that happened two years ago in Dhaka, Bangladesh let us also be proactive in asking a very important question to all fashion brands around the world, "Who made my clothes?." I recently read an article that Refinery 29 posted yesterday about Fashion Revolution Week and listed some bloggers, brands and organizations that are participating. The organization, Fashion Revolution, ( would like consumers to participate throughout the week by going to their website and filling out a form for them to...

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Deutsche Welle News Report: Chinese fakes threaten Ghana's textile industry

We have been very vocal on our views of textile piracy in the West African textile market. This DW report is a wonderful eye opener for anyone who is not familiar with the issues in Ghana's textile industry. It is very important to us, that we only use textiles produced locally in Ghana. Once a thriving industry, it has been looted by international piracy. Many Ghanaians lost their jobs and livelihood due to such piracy. Our goal is to support local Ghanaian industry and the people that comprise that industry.  

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