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Liberty & Justice bring Fair Trade and Ethical Industrialism to West Africa

I read an amazing article earlier this week from the Fashion Business Africa website about an organization called Liberty & Justice Development. It is an organization founded by Chid Liberty and Adam Butlein; to help the African apparel industry meet the challenge of global competition by achieving higher output and lower costs, to build the industrial skills of the African work force, and to establish models for social and environmental justice in apparel manufacturing that are transferable to other industries (an excerpt from their website).

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Deutsche Welle News Report: Chinese fakes threaten Ghana's textile industry

We have been very vocal on our views of textile piracy in the West African textile market. This DW report is a wonderful eye opener for anyone who is not familiar with the issues in Ghana's textile industry. It is very important to us, that we only use textiles produced locally in Ghana. Once a thriving industry, it has been looted by international piracy. Many Ghanaians lost their jobs and livelihood due to such piracy. Our goal is to support local Ghanaian industry and the people that comprise that industry.  

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Recap: Fashion Institute of Technology Makers Showcase

We had a wonderful experience vending and participating in the FIT Makers Showcase. The pool of vendors were lovely and interactions with the customers and Neiman Marcus personnel was phenomenal. The showcase included a vending hall as well as presentations from all show vendors, Neiman Marcus and Nine West. Many thanks to the organizers at FIT for such an exceptional experience. Thank you to the event sponsors Neiman Marcus and Nine West. Take a look below at pictures and footage from our brand presentation.

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