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About Us

“We believe that to fully appreciate the heritage and textiles of a culture, you must work with the very people who are an integral part of that heritage. You can not simply borrow from cultures; you must collaborate.”

Jovita Ross, Co-Founder

Vita Talie is an ethical fashion lifestyle brand that fuses innovative designs with exotic textiles inspired by and from the continent of Africa. Our distinctive handcrafted accessories are produced in the USA and Ghana.

Vita Talie is founded by Jovita and Natalie Ross. These sisters wanted to produce distinctive accessories that blended and paid homage to their heritage. The Ross sisters are first generation Americans and raised partly in Liberia (located in West Africa). They have a passion to create a fusion of their cultures. Not only do they design extraordinary fashionable pieces, but they have a willingness to give back to both of their communities. All Vita Talie products are produced in the USA and handcrafted by local artisans in Accra, Ghana. All suppliers are sourced in the USA or Ghana.


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to build a brand that celebrates exceptional artisan skills, ethical practices, techniques, sustainability and innovative designs in the United States and the continent of Africa. We pride ourselves on producing over 50% of our products in the US and utilizing the fantastic garment district in New York City. We are a small business that takes responsibility in using sustainable materials, authentic fabrics and textiles from the continent of Africa in all our products.

Every Vita Talie collection is created thoughtfully for the fashion forward individual. Each piece is carefully and skillfully handcrafted by artisans; therefore no two item is the same. Most products are produced in limited quantities to ensure uniqueness to each customer. Our products are made with quality materials. All fabrics used in necklaces and bags are made with 100% Woodin (cotton) manufactured and sold in Ghana (West Africa). All the scarves with merino/lamb's wool are organic and sourced from a local sheep farm in upstate New York. The majority of our chains, are hypoallergenic and are sourced from Oklahoma City.

 If you have questions about Vita Talie, Please visit the contact us page and send us an email.