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Mali Wool Jersey Ankara Infinity Scarf
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Mali Wool Jersey Ankara Infinity Scarf

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The Mali a lightweight wool jersey and cotton ankara print infinity scarf. The wool jersey panel gives you the ability to have versatility in styling the scarf to fit your fashion and comfort needs. We recommend wearing the wool jersey panel close to your neck for the best results to maximize warmth.


Dimensions: Approximately 31.25" L (Flat) X 6.75" W

Content: 100% cotton/100% jersey wool

Care Instructions: Soak in warm water with mild detergent. Gently swish scarf in warm water. Rinse in warm water. Press to release excess water, do not twist or wring, lay flat to dry.

Warning: Jersey wool will shrink if agitated during cleansing

Size: One Size

Made in the USA

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